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Is your site secure?
Yes. We take your security very seriously. We have SSL Certification through Volusion installed. Click here to see our verification.

Do you offer wholesale?
YES!!! If you are a brick & mortar retail store or an online store please get in touch with us with any questions you may have. We will gladly send you samples at a very low cost along with our wholesale discount price sheet. Contact us today...

What is "steeping" and should I steep GoodTime's juices?
Steeping is a term for aging. Since our juices are freshly mixed, the tastes will blend and deepen if allowed to age for 1 to 4 weeks. To properly age an e-liquid, shake it well, leave the cap on and allow it to sit undisturbed. Some of our juices, mostly the fruity ones, don't require a long steep time and will be good to go by the time they reach your door but a lot of our juices do require steeping, mainly our tobacco blends. Sometimes a "power steep" can help speed along the process by sitting the bottle down in some hot water with the cap off for about an hour but we recommend a natural steep if you can wait.

Do your juices contain Diacetyl?
We do not add diacetyl to our eJuices. A few of our e-liquids contain very small traces of acetoin and acetyl proprionyl that the flavoring manufactures use. Research has not been concluded that this is harmful in such small amounts as it is in the microwave popcorn industry. Our e-liquids are marked with "custard notes" on the details tab that contain these molecules. Transparency is always our motto.

What is the quality of your PG, VG and Nic?
We use some of the industries best USA suppliers for our PG/VG and Nicotine solution. They are USP grade, kosher, food-grade liquids and our vegetable glycerin is Non-GMO! We feel it's important for our customers to have access to our material safety data sheets and certificates of analysis and you can view them here>>> MSDS & COA

I made a mistake on my order, can I change it?
If your juice has not been filled in our lab yet we can change the order for you. If it has already been filled we can not change your order.

I just placed my order, when will it ship?
Orders are mixed and shipped in the order that they are received.
On average please allow a minimum of 1-3 business days for your order to be mixed and shipped. We do not mix or ship on weekends. Large orders, holidays, illness, and severe weather may slow the processing/shipping of your order. Please plan your orders accordingly.

How will I know when my order ships?
We send out tracking numbers for all orders once they have shipped via email.

Do you ship internationally?
Due to USPS doubling their international shipping rates last year and lack of tracking once the package leaves the USA we do not offer international shipping at this time.

My package has not arrived! What do I do?
Please check your tracking number provided. If your package seems to be held up, or is showing as delivered and you don't have it, call your local post office with your tracking number. Please contact them first, before contacting us, as once the package leaves our facility it is in the care of the Postal Service, and they have the ability to track the package internally. Only contact us if you have contacted the USPS and they are unable to help you. Our responsibility for your package ends when it is dropped off at the post office. We do provide you with a tracking number, and are willing to assist you, but it is up to you to handle lost package claims with the USPS.

Do you provide refunds?
All sales are final. We do not provide refunds on any products.

My packaged arrived damaged! What do I do?
If the contents of your package are damaged upon arrival please contact us immediately.
We do require proof of damage, such as a photo, before we will replace a shipment.
In some cases we may ask you to return the merchandise and it's packaging.
Damage claims must be made within three days of your receipt of the package.

Do my juices need to be refrigerated?
No. A tightly closed cap and storage out of direct heat/sunlight is all that is necessary.

I don't like my juice, can I return/exchange it?
E-liquids are not returnable due to health/safety reasons. We urge you to read reviews and also to ask questions on forums. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions regarding the taste of a particular juice. Taste is subjective and we can't guarantee that you will love any particular flavor. What one person finds as the perfect vape, another may find awful. We try our best to please everyone by offering many different blends and we hope that you do find a few of those ADV's through GoodTime Vapes! ;)